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Service within a business should be focused above and beyond exceptional, by being a good service company. However, quit a few business's have lost customers, because they fall well below the satisfaction of what people want.

It seems that a business can be more focused on the money, then in keeping their customers happy. Speaking about this, what would make a good service company? Well, let us take a look at a customer service complaint among a business that is entwined around a few features.

A popular complaint that we hear about a lot is in regards to the rudeness of a staff member. When a customer enters into a business, they expect a friendly, professional interaction with any of the employee's. But, there are rude people behind the counter, so to speak.





A good quality measurement of a good service company is to provide ALL customers with a smile, friendliness, and professionalism. A business that will make their mission statement about being a good service company and enforcing policies and procedures will keep and/or receive customers.

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However, the manager needs to audit their employee's frequently to reassure that the staff are keeping the policies and enforcing the mission statement. If the mission is based on implementing a good service company, managers can become too comfortable and assume that the staff is doing their jobs accurately.

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They tend to get to comfortable, but, if a manager is always keeping check, the quality of a good service company can be enforced. In addition to the quality of a good service company, let us take a look at the features of what the customer service interaction should be like.




The one feature to assure a good service company pertaining to customer service is whether the staff member will Listen. People can hear, but are they listening? The staff should listen to what the customer is saying in order to better understand what would need to be accomplished. This will avoid confusion and frustration making the mission of a good service company, take the opposite stand. This might I add should be followed with sincere understanding. A customer should not receive a non-caring staff member looking to just hurry the interaction. Understanding will make the interaction make the customer feel comfortable and accepted.

There are times that the stress from the business interaction has caused the customer enough to never use the business product or service again. This is before the customer contacts the staff. Therefore, to be a good service company the staff should listen, be friendly and understanding. Once the employee understands what needs to be completed, they need to fulfill the action that it will take to finish what the customer is expected to happen. To make the stand of a good service company, the business would need to keep their promise or word so to speak. However, if the issue is not able to be resolved or completed a good service company would train their staff on the procedures prior to solving any issues.

Another step that a business would need to do to ensure them to be a good service company is to keep the staff updated on all policies and procedures. Keep the staff abreast of all good service company techniques and to train them frequently. This will provide a more customer service oriented business. Without a good service company, the customers will not return and a business will fall. These previous features are the backbone to being a successful good service company. Therefore, to make the business successful the managers need to enforce the features that were mentioned to make them a top of the line, Good Service Company.